AutoFlex has ignited a remarkable wave of enthusiasm within the dynamic realm of the automotive aftermarket, capturing the attention and intrigue of both esteemed educational institutions and eager students. Embarking on any novel endeavor inevitably raises a plethora of inquiries, and we at Autotech Academy are dedicated to addressing these curiosities comprehensively.

Our aim is to demystify any misconceptions and provide clear insights that empower individuals to grasp the myriad advantages that an internship experience with Autotech Academy offers.


What will the internships cost us?

There is zero cost to colleges as the automotive industry will provide the funding via a paid internship.

Will it affect our funding?

Only in a positive way. The college improved destination data as the students have a defined destination on completion of their course. This can lead to the department securing more funding in the future as we only take on students once they have completed their course.

Is there a lot of work involved?

No. Our team of specialists are well versed in working with both colleges and automotive employers. One of the key bottlenecks to automotive recruitment is colleges not having the right contacts within the industry, we do. Once the college is signed up, the Academy team will supply a support pack to promote the initiatives to learners. We work with colleges to identify suitable learners and provide information on any relevant roles which arise.

How do we hear about internships opportunities?

Once we sign a college up to the team works to connect with automotive employers within the local area, and colleges will be notified of any internship opportunities. The Academy team will then work with the learner to apply for the role and prepare for the interview.

Is it an apprenticeship?

This is a misconception. Our internship opportunity compliments apprenticeships as students don’t repeat learning and instead, apply the skills they have learned at college in the workplace.

Will learners be tempted to become an intern before they qualify?

We do not take on students until they have fully completed their college education.


What is an internship and what is involved?

Our internship is a simple concept. We newly qualified students into a garage or maintenance repair business on a paid internship lasting from 6 to 12 months, depending on their qualifications and area of interest.

We pay the students a monthly wage, and provide them with all the necessary equipment they need including, a tool kit worth over £1000, standard PPE, and uniform. Ongoing training may also be offered to each intern via a manufacturer training course, or an approved OEM standard training partner such as Bosch.

During the internship, a placement mentor will be appointed to help the student with their daily work, while the Academy team provides ongoing support. Some of our clients will embed additional training into your internship such as a Level 3 IMI Electric/Hybrid vehicle training and any other industry-relevant training, such as ADAS.

Do I get paid during the internship?

Yes, every intern is a paid an, above the minimum, wage.

What will it cost me?

Nothing, although we do expect that students turn up on time, correctly dressed and equipped and give the internship their full attention. We will equip each student with their own toolbox worth over £1000.

What happens after the Internship?

Once the internship programme is complete, employers can decide if they want to hire the student on a permanent basis. If not, the intern not only holds their qualification, but has additional training and work experience which will help them find another position within the industry.

What level do I need to have achieved?

We are looking for students who are qualified in one of the following:

  • Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair – Level 2 or 3
  • Motorsport Maintenance and Repair – Level 2 or 3
  • Motorcycle Maintenance and Repair – Level 2 or 3
  • Heavy Vehicle Maintenance and Repair – Level 2 or 3
  • Paint and Body – Level 2 or 3
  • Mechanic Electrical Trim – Level 3
  • Body Repair – Level 3
  • Refinishing – Level 3

These can be either IMI, City & Guilds or ABC Awards qualifications.

Can I do it whilst I am learning?

No, all of our internships are full time positions so the internship is conditional on the student completing their Level 2-3 qualifications.


What will it cost me?

Similar to our temporary recruitment model, employers will need to pay the intern an hourly rate. The rate will be higher than an apprentice would be, but all businesses can expect to recover expenses within six weeks. It’s also important to remember that, at the end of the internship, the business will have a fully qualified, brand-loyal, and appropriately trained workshop staff member.

Is there a fee at the end?

No. If the employer decides to take on the intern on a full-time basis, we will waive our recruitment fee.

What training is available?

Bespoke training can be organised for your intern. For more information please get in touch.

How is it different to an apprenticeship?

With apprenticeships, the employer will have a young person with no qualifications, who will need weekly day release to attend college. An intern through us will be over 18 and hold at least a Level 2 automotive qualification, plus they will be a full-time employee.


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